Rawn Stull, “I have chosen Colorado Springs as my home, just as my father and grandfather before me. God has blessed me with amazing children and a beautiful wife. They are my first passion and come before everything else I do.

I am doing what I love for a living. I have been in this industry for most of my’s all I know, and I am dedicated to perfecting my craft. I take immense pride in all of our projects, my team, and our mission to change Colorado one project at a time. 

The clients I have worked for continue to contact us for follow-up work and often refer BPG to their friends and family. Our company wants nothing more than to keep earning that trust throughout El Paso county, helping you with your next home improvement project.”

Our Team

The men and women who work along side us are of the highest ethical and moral standards. All of our team knows to give 100% at all times, conduct themselves honestly and professionally at all times, and maintain a safe environment at all times. We also live by the rule, “The customer is always right.” If you tell me anyone working on your project is displaying less than exemplary and exceptional business behavior, action will be taken immediately. 

 If you ever have questions, concerns, or a warranty issue, please feel free to contact us. As a unit, we strive to give each customer complete satisfaction and peace of mind before, during, and at completion of all our work. 

Commonly Asked Questions

“Why is it important to be sure I hire a licensed, local, insured general contractor?”

Only a licensed general contractor can pull permits and partner with the building department inspectors to be sure your project is completed to code, legally, and safely. Hiring a licensed general contractor ensures your property and property value are protected. 

“And how do I know that I have hired a licensed, local, insured general contractor?”

The most reliable way to know you are hiring a licensed, local, fully insured general contractor is to verify that information with your local building department. In our case, simply follow this link to verify all of our information. Any legitimate general contractor should transparently share and provide this information with you prior to having you sign a contract or approve any work being done.